halat alb
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Halat Alb (aka 'White Surgery Coat') is a brand-new Romanian alternative rock band with high artistically potential. They can be included in Grunge genre, exploring the same area as Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Bush and more.

Halat Alb originates from an older band called Hyperion, which started out as a high school band in Sighetu Marmatiei, Romania. The structure of the band keeps three of the original four people, that is, the ones who are most connected in the way they see and feel music.

They started to work in the summer of 2005, after a long pause of around 4 years, and came up with three songs: 'Guru', 'Frate' ('Brother') and 'Un pas' ('One step'). At the end of January 2006, the band recorded demos for these songs. More songs are on the work right now.

The band proposes a fresh style for Romanian rock. Their songs have a quick tempo, with complex drumming. Guitar and bass are used in a modern manner conforming the new waves in alternative rock music.

The lyrics cover many areas: philosophical, social, abstract cuteness.

The composition of the band:
Emeric Balogh: bass guitar, lyrics, vocals
Richard Keltonik: drums, lyrics, vocals
Radu Lazin: guitar, vocals, lyrics

There is also a friend of the band, Norbert Petrovici, which helps with the lyrics, coming up especially with social messages.